South Mountain by Rick Reeve

South Mountain by Rick Reeve
South Mountain by Rick Reeve depicting the wounding of General Garland

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Confederate Order of Battle

I probably should have posted this from the beginning, but better late than never right? This is the Confederate order of battle for the Battle of South Mountain. The Union portion  will follow shortly.

Army of Northern Virginia

General Robert E. Lee

Jackson’s Wing

Major General Thomas J. Jackson

Hill’s Division

Major General D.H. Hill

Garland’s Brigade
 Brigadier General Samuel Garland

5th North Carolina, Colonel Duncan McRae

12th North Carolina, Captain Shugan Snow

13th North Carolina, Lt. Colonel Thomas Ruffin, Jr.

20th North Carolina, Colonel Alfred Iverson

23rd North Carolina, Colonel Daniel H. Christie

Rodes’  Brigade

Brigadier General Robert E. Rodes

3rd Alabama, Colonel Cullen A. Battle

5th Alabama, Major E.L. Hobson

6th Alabama, Colonel John B. Gordon

12th Alabama, Colonel Bristor Gayle

26th Alabama, Colonel Edward O’Neal

Ripley’s Brigade

Brigadier General Roswell Ripley

1st North Carolina, Lt. Colonel Hamilton A. Brown

3rd North Carolina, Colonel William L. De Rosset

4th Georgia, Colonel George P. Doles

44th Georgia, Captain John C. key

Anderson’s Brigade

Brigadier General George B. Anderson

2nd North Carolina, Colonel C.C. Tew

4th North Carolina, Colonel  Bryan Grimes

14th North Carolina, Colonel Risden Tyler Bennett

30th North Carolina, Colonel Francis M. Parker

Colquitt’s Brigade

Colonel  Alfred Colquitt

13th Alabama, Colonel Birkett D. Fry

6th Georgia, Lt. Colonel James M.  Newtown

23rd Georgia, Colonel William P. Barclay

27th Georgia, Colonel Levi B. Smith

28th Georgia, Major Tully Graybill

Hill’s Division Artillery

Major Scipio F. Pierson

Jeff Davis Artillery, Captain James Bondurant

Jackson’s Reserve Artillery
Colonel S. Crutchfield

Cutts Sumter Artillery Battalion
Lt. Colonel Allan S. Cutts

Sumter Artillery, Battery A, Captain H.M. Moss

Sumter Artilery, Battery B, Captain G. M. Patterson

Sumter Artillery, Battery D, Captain James A. Blackshear

Sumter Artillery, Battery E, Captain John Lane

Longstreet’s Wing

Major General James Longstreet

Jones’ Division

Brigadier General  David R. Jones

Anderson’s Brigade
Brigadier General George T. Anderson

1st Georgia (Regulars), Colonel William J. Magill

7th Georgia, Lt. Colonel George H. Carmical

8th Georgia, Colonel John R. Towers

9th Georgia, Lt. Colonel John C.L. Mounger

11th Georgia, Major Francis H. Little

Drayton’s Brigade

Brigadier General  Thomas F. Drayton

3rd South Carolina Infantry Battalion, Lt. Colonel George S. James

15th South Carolina, Colonel William D. DeSaussure

Philips Georgia Legion Infantry, Lt. Colonel Robert T. Cook

50th Georgia, Lt. Colonel Francis Kearse

51st Georgia, Colonel William M. Slaughter (?)

Jenkins’ Brigade
Colonel Joseph Walker

1st South Carolina, Lt. Colonel Daniel Livingston

2nd South Carolina Rifles, Lt. Robert A. Thompson

4th South Carolina Battalion, Lt. W.F. Field

5th South Carolina, Captain Thomas C. Beckham

6th South Carolina, Lt. Colonel J.M. Steedman

Palmetto Sharpshooters, Captain A.H. Foster

Pickett’s Brigade

Brigadier General Richard D. Garnett

8th Virginia, Colonel Eppa Hutton

18th Virginia, Major George C. Cabell

19th Virginia, Colonel John B. Strange

28th Virginia, Captain W.L. Wingfield

56th Virginia, Colonel William D. Stuart

Kemper’s Brigade

Brigadier General James Kemper

1st Virginia, Captain George F. Norton

7th Virginia, Captain Philip S. Ashby

11th Virginia, Major Adam Clement

17th Virginia, Colonel Montgomery D. Corse

24th Virginia, Colonel William R. Terry

Hood’s Division

Brigadier General John Bell Hood

Hood’s Brigade

Colonel William T. Wofford

1st Texas, Lt. Colonel Philip A. Work

4th Texas, Lt. Colonel Benjamin F. Carter

5th Texas, Captain Isaac N.M. Turner

18th Georgia, Lt. Colonel Solon Z. Ruff

Hampton’s Legion, Lt. Colonel Martin W. Gary

Law’s Brigade

Colonel Evander Law

2nd Mississippi, Colonel John Marshall Stone

11th Mississippi, Colonel Phillip F. Liddell

6th North Carolina, Lt. Colonel Robert Fulton Webb

4th Alabama, Lt. Colonel Owen Kenan McLemore

Evan’s Independent Brigade

Brigadier General Nathan Evan’s

17th South Carolina, Colonel Fitz W. McMaster

18th South Carolina, Colonel William H. Wallace

22nd South Carolina, Lt. Colonel Thomas C. Watkins

23rd South Carolina, Captain S.A. Durham

Holcombe (SC) Legion, Colonel Peter F. Stevens

Macbeth Artillery, Captain Robert Boyce

Anderson’s Division

Major General Richard Anderson

Mahone’s Brigade

Colonel William A. Parham
6th Virginia, Captain John R. Ludlow

12th Virginia, Captain John R. Llewellyn

16th Virginia, Major Francis D. Holliday

41st Virginia, Lt. Colonel Joseph P. Minetree

61st Virginia, Lt. Colonel William F. Niemeyer

McLaws’ Division

Major General Lafayette McLaws

Cobb’s Brigade

Brigadier General Howell Cobb

15th North Carolina, Lt. Colonel William MacRae

16th Georgia, Lt. Colonel Henry P. Thomas

24th Georgia, Lt. Colonel Christopher C. Sanders

Cobb  (GA) Legion Infantry, Lt. Colonel Jefferson M. Lamar

Semmes’ Brigade

Brigadier General Paul J. Semmes

10th Georgia, Major Willis C. Holt

McLaws’ Division Artillery

Light Battery A, 1st North Carolina, Captain Basil Manly

Richmond Fayette Artillery, Lt. William Clopton

Magruder Artillery, Captain Thomas Page, Jr. 

Grimes’ Portsmouth Artillery, Captain Cary F. Grimes

Troup Artillery, Captain Henry F. Carlton

Stuart’s Cavalry Division

Major General James Ewell Brown Stuart

Robertson’s Brigade

Colonel Thomas Munford

2nd Virginia, Lt. Colonel Richard Burks

12th Virginia, Colonel Asher W. Harman

Lee’s Brigade

Brigadier General Fitzhugh Lee

5th Virginia, Colonel Thomas Rosser

Stuart’s Horse Artillery

Chew’s Battery, Captain Roger P. Chew

Pelham’s Battery, Captain John Pelham