South Mountain by Rick Reeve

South Mountain by Rick Reeve
South Mountain by Rick Reeve depicting the wounding of General Garland

Thursday, May 27, 2010

From the front..

Remains of the National Colors of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry .
courtesy of the Ohio Historical Societies, "Fight for the Colors!" collection.

This is a letter that I ran across while doing some research up at the office, figured it'd be nice to share it. It was written by John M. Clugston of Company G, 23rd Ohio Infantry. His regiment was the first to come into contact with Confederates of Garland's Brigade and was instrumental in breaking Garland's line with three successive bayonet charges (a rarity in Civil War combat). In this entry, Clugston tells of the battle for Fox's Gap, the wound received by Lt. Colonel Rutherford B. Hayes, and information about Confederate losses as well as his own regiments. The charge of the 12th Ohio was actually made upon the 12th North Carolina, not the 12th Georgia as Mr. Clugston states.

Sunday Sept. 14

Took up lines of march at 7 a.m. continuing three miles at which point our cavalry spied enemy artillery planted. Gen. Cox ordered the 11th, 12th, and 23rd to the left. The 23rd took the extreme left two miles up the mountain. As we descended our skirmish came upon the enemy where a brisk fire was began. We drove the enemy out of the mountains through the cornfield taking position along the fence. We made a charge across and drove the enemy but they out-flanked us on our left and we had to fall back to the woods. The 12th reg. coming to our support. We advanced to the second field and lay in battle lines at the foot of the hill. The enemy was only ten rods from us but we were concealed by the hill. All was ready, the word given to charge. We moved on our hands and knees to the top and then went-in . . . . The enemy fled. Our regiment charged on the 23" N.C.
(North Carolina), the 12th on the 12th Georgia. Daniel Whissler, John . . ., Mark Slonaker, and William Kneppe fell as we drove the enemy through the cornfield. John Pinney was killed and Col. Hayes wounded in the arm. We completely routed the enemy. Gen. Reno was killed. The rebels one brigadier, one col. of the 3rd S.C. (South Carolina) Battalion, Col. James. The rebels loss was about four hundred killed. Our loss one hundred and seventy killed from our reg. thirty three killed and one hundred five wounded. . .

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  1. I have a feeling I'll be learning so much about the Civil War in our life together. I'm glad you are taking the time to write this blog though... now I can read and re-read when I'm not quite sure of something :)