South Mountain by Rick Reeve

South Mountain by Rick Reeve
South Mountain by Rick Reeve depicting the wounding of General Garland

Saturday, October 2, 2010

"The men have stood like iron.."

Major Rufus Dawes wrote these words describing how the men fought during week of fighting that the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin and 19th Indiana infantry regiments had just experienced. While they earned their reputation at South Mountain and moved on to future fields, they left many behind on these bloody slopes.

4th Brigade (Brigadier General John Gibbon commanding)

Killed: 37
Wounded: 251
Captured/Missing: 30
Total: 318

2nd Wisconsin (Colonel Lucius Fairchild commanding)
(regiment suffered 6 killed , 19 wounded and 1 missing as stated in OR)

Company A:
Private Henry B. Rhoton

Company B:
Captain Wilson Colwell
Corporal Jacob Markle

Company C:
Unknown Casualties

Company D:
Private Andrew Bean
Private Ashael Gage
Private Stewart Martin
Private Bela W. Beebe
Private John N. Ehle

Company E:
Private George Nutter

Company F:
Captain William L. Parsons

Company G:
Private Theodore Fletcher

Company H:
Private Charles W. Eriksen

Company I:
Corporal Alpheus T. Budlong
Corporal William A. Nelson
Private George W. Williams
Private George Gilbert

Company K:
Private John Oswold
Private John Hacker
Private John Maislein

6th Wisconsin (Lt. Colonel Edward S. Bragg commanding)
(Regiment suffered 11 killed, 79 wounded, and 2 missing as stated in OR’s)

Company A:
Private Jacob C. Langhart
Private George C. Miles
Private George F. Rice
Private John C. Weldman
Sergeant Allison Fowler
Corporal Richard Atridge
Corporal Walter S. Durlin
Corporal Charles W. Farrington
Private Thomas Anderson
Private John Bracker
Private Thomas A. Butterfield
Private James Whilty

Company B:
Private Leonard Brown
Private Allen B. Wilson
1st Lieutenant Arthur C. Ellis
Sergeant Henry E. Smyser
Corporal Jeremiah Heath
Corporal John W. Winn
Private Henry Anderson
Private Alexander Frier
Private Anthony Olson
Private Charles H. Potter
Private William H. Pulver
Private John Sanderson

Company C:
1st Sergeant Edward A. Whaley
Sergeant George Fairfield

Company D:
Corporal Richard Montgomery
Corporal Avery M. Perkins
Private Frank Arnold
2nd Lieutenant Thomas Kerr
Sergeant John R. Lammey
1st Sergeant Hamilcar B. McIntosh
Sergeant Hugh Gallagher
Sergeant Matthew Keogh
Corporal Thomas Dunn
Private Francis Clark
Private John J. Costigan
Private Frank McKenie
Private Charles F. Meyers
Private Franz A. Siebenthall

Company E:
Corporal George T. Hall
Private Robert I. Campbell
Private John Flood
Private William Frazer
Private John Giesbers (Deserted also)
Private Amos Lefler
Private Nelson L. Rowe
Private Peter Steenis
Private Richard Woodland

Company F:
Private Franz Heinrich
Private Herman Kellner
Private John Kleinschrodt

Company G:
Private De Witt C. Burbanks

Company H:
Private Thomas Blake

Company I:
Sergeant William Lawrence
Private John F. Harding

Company K:
Private George E. Chamberlain
Private Reuben Huntley
Sergeant Charles A. Crawford
Sergeant James P. Sullivan
Sergeant Andrew R. Thompson
Corporal William J. Revels
Corporal Franklin Wilcox
Private Ephraim B. Cornish
Private Volney Holmes
Private Edward S. Simmons

7th Wisconsin (Captain John Callis commanding)
(Regiment suffered 11 killed, 116 wounded, and 20 missing as stated in OR’s)

Company A:
Private Micheal Burk
1st Sergeant Linus Bascom
Corporal Philander Phinney
Private Henry Byron
Private Edward J. Hurd
Private Hiram Pierce

Company B:
Corporal Charles E. Plummer
Sergeant William R. Ingalls
Sergeant Zebulon B. Russell
Sergeant Charles Walker
Corporal Alexander Hughes
Private John J. Blowers
Private James E. Brown
Private George L. Brown
Private Rufus R. Dye
Private Thomas Hand
Private James O. Hilliker
Private Warren L. Newell
Private Truman M. Newell
Private David Snow
Private Pope G. Briggs

Company C:
Private Wallace Holmes
Sergeant David C. Ashmore
Corporal William Beazley
Corporal William P. Durley
Corporal John C. Palmer
Corporal Jasper L. Rewey
Private William Bristol
Private William W. Davis
Private Harvey H. Edwards
Private Freeman Jones
Private William B. Newcomb
Private Esekiel Parker
Private Madison Ray
Private Theodore W. Smelker

Company D:
Corporal Albert C. Crofft
Corporal Benjamin P. Ordway
Private Isaac G. Bentley
Private Rollin Thompson
Private Isaac E. Wright

Company E:
Corporal John C. Casey
Corporal Alexander C. Webster
Private Daniel E. Casey
Private Joseph Eubanks
Private Henry Gathers
Private William H. Root

Company F:
Private James A. Clark
Private George W. Cooley
Private Henry A. Kaump
Private John L. Marks
2nd Lieutenant John W. McKenzie
Corporal George Atkinson
Corporal George F. Halbert
Corporal George H. Henderson
Corporal Fletcher S. Kidd
Corporal Peter J. Schlosser
Corporal William A. Smith
Private Henry Black
Private Milo Dexter
Private Jacob A. Drew
Private Alexander Lewis, Jr.
Private Richmond B. Pierce
Private Thomas Price
Private James W. Simpkins

Company G:
Private Thomas J. Lynn
Sergeant John M. Crocker
Corporal William J. Armstrong
Corporal William Richards
Corporal Edgar A. Tenant
Private Isaac Beadle
Private William N. Creasey
Private Clinton Eggleston
Private Henry Felix
Private James E. Ingraham
Private Martin Leeser
Private Michael Shortell
Private Daniel Wilcox
Private Sylvester Foster (Deserted)

Company H:
Private Benjamin Burton
Sergeant Joseph Heathcock
Corporal James H. Brunnemer
Corporal Jefferson Coates
Corporal William L. Jacobs
Corporal Newton B. Wood
Private John W. Andrews
Private Squire Burns
Private Isaac Coates
Private Henry Furderer
Private Stanbury Hitchcock
Private John B. Matthews
Private Samuel K. Potts
Private Luman Russell
Private Frederick Theiss
Private John Todd

Company I:
Corporal Henry Thorngate
Private Charles W. Smith
Private George O. Stratton

Company K:
Private Frederick J. Garner
Private William S. Wilson
Sergeant John M. Hoyt
Corporal John F. Foss
Corporal Andrew Streeter Jr.
Private William H. Beardsley
Private George W. Coville
Private Stone Severson
Private James A. Snyder

19th Indiana (Colonel Solomon Meredith commanding)
(Regiment suffered 9 killed, 37 wounded, and 7 missing as stated in OR’s)
Casualties Unknown (Rosters unavailable at this time)

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  1. 7th Wisconsin Company H: Stanbury Hitchcock was my GGGG Uncle. He was wounded at South Mountain in the leg. He was later wounded at The Wilderness and was killed at Laurel Hill, VA. Two of his brothers were also in Company H.

    Thanks for this page.

    Albert Engebretson