South Mountain by Rick Reeve

South Mountain by Rick Reeve
South Mountain by Rick Reeve depicting the wounding of General Garland

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"As we emerged. . . the enemy met us with a murderous fire."

Colonel Cake
These are the words of Colonel Henry L. Cake of the 96th Pennsylvania in his report on the fighting at Crampton's Gap describing the climactic final assault by the Union 6th Corps that swept the Confederates from the gap. The regiment lost 91 men killed and wounded during the fight. The following is a list of casualties that I have found.

1st Lieutenant John Dougherty, Co. F
Private Thomas Haines, Co. I
Private George James, Co. K
Corporal Gomer Jones, Co. A
Private James Kaercher, Co. I
Private Henry P. Kuhns, Co. H
Major Lewis Martin, Regt.
Private Patrick McAllister, Co. K
Private Barney McMicheal, Co. K
Private Saul McMinzie, Co. C
Private Thomas Reese, Co. D
Private John Sentman, Co. H
Private Martin Sipe, Co. C
Private Oliver F. Treichler, Co. H
Private Otto G.H. Vogel, Co. E
Private William Weaklam, Co. I
Private Thomas D. Williams, Co. D
Private Charles B. Ziegler, Co. H

2nd Lieutenant Alexander Allison, Co. C
Sergeant Charles Bast, Co. C
Private Christian Bidel, Co. H
Private John Carr, Co. D
Private John Haley, Co. H
Private Patrick Fay, Co. K
Private John Frasier, Co. C
Private Thomas Hilton, Co. C
Private Micheal Holloran, Co. H
Private Caleb Kinzi. Co. A
Private  Hugh Lynch, Co. C
Private Aaron Miller, Co. H
Private Jeremiah Miller, Co. H
1st Sergeant James B. Oliver, Co. C
Corporal Thomas Oliver, Co. C
Private David Thomas, Co. C
Private Thomas Tracy, Co. F


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