South Mountain by Rick Reeve

South Mountain by Rick Reeve
South Mountain by Rick Reeve depicting the wounding of General Garland

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering New Jersey's Fallen

New Jersey Monument, South Mountain
During the fighting that would take place at Crampton's Gap, Alfred Torbert's all-New Jersey brigade went into the fight at a critical moment. The  momentum of the Union assault stalled and the men of Joseph Bartlett's brigade were running out of ammunition. Torbert was ordered to advance his brigade and after a sharp fight, he ordered a charge. "A cheer, and the men went forward at the double-quick...", Torbert's men broke the Confederate line and pushed up the Burkittsville Road slamming into the flank of Confederate reinforcements that were hastily thrown into the fight. Flushed with victory, the New Jersey men push on and with other 6th Corps soldiers, gain control of Crampton's Gap. When the fighting was over, 174 men from New Jersey laid, killed or wounded, on the mountainside. Listed here are 58 of those men, 32% of those reported.

1st New Jersey (Lt. Colonel Mark W. Coliet commanding)
            Private James Cox, Co. C
            Private John Brown, Co. E
            Private Joseph E. Dilks, Co. E
            Corporal Julius Houriett, Co. I
            Private Patrick McGourty, Co. I
            Private Kiren Campbell, Co. I
            Private Ernest Leu, Co. K
            Private Charles Melman, Co. B (died of wounds 10/31/62)
            Private Charles Exner, Co. C (died of wounds 10/18/62)
            Private George S. Heany, Co. D
            Private Charles Mclaughlin, Co. E

2nd New Jersey  (Colonel Samuel Buck commanding)
            Private William Callender, Co. A
            Private James P. Lyndon, Co. C
            Private John McMonigle, Co. C
            Private Jacob Windecker, Co. D
            Private Conrad Reis, Co. E
            Private Jerry Carroll, Co. F
            Private William Mcvay, Co. F
            Corporal George Somerville, Co. H
            Private Byron Lawton, Co. I
            Private William McCloud, Co. I
            Private Emanuel Boudiette, Co. K
            Private Andrew Hemberger, Co. K
            Private Jacob Smith, Co. B (Died of wounds 10/8/62)
            Private Thomas Kendall, Co. C (Died of wounds Sept. 1862)
            Private Samuel Mellor, Co. C (Died of wounds 11/1/62)
            Private Philip Tanner, Co. D (Died of wounds 10/7/62)
            Private William Kleine, Co. E
            Private Herman Jansen, Co. E (Died of wounds 10/1/62)
            Private Boles Taylor, Co. F
            Private David Burtchell, Co. H
            Private Jabez Fearey, Co. K
            Private Robert Grabeck, Co. K
            Private William A. Leibe, Co. K
            Private William Nalborough, Co. K (died of wounds 10/1/62)

3rd New Jersey (Colonel Henry Brown commanding)
            Private James T. Caffery, Co. A
            Private Michael Donnell, Co. A
            Private William J. Ballenger, Co. C
            Private Charles H. Bacon, Co. F
            Private Thomas B. Keen, Co. F
            Sergeant Theodore McCoy, Co. G
            Corporal Thomas Alcott, Co. H
            Private Hugh Loughran, Co. H
            Private David Harrigan, Co. I
            Private Anthony H.  Perry, Co. I
            Private William Garry, Co. K
            Private James Hollingsworth, Co. B
            Private James Williams, Co. E (died of wounds 9/17/62)

4th New Jersey (Colonel William B. Hatch commanding)
            Adjutant Josiah S. Studdiford, Regt.
            Private Samuel S. Hull, Co. B
            Sergeant George J. Pettit, Co. C
            Private Andrew Flash, Co. C
            Private Joseph E. Ware, Co. F
            Private Mitchell Walker, Co. I
            Private Daniel Dixon, Co. I
            Sergeant William W. Palmer, Co. K
            Private Robert C. Curry, Co. K

            Private Jesse G. Eastlack, Co. H (Died of wounds 03/27/63)


New Jersey, Adjutant-General's Office. RECORD OF OFFICERS AND MEN OF NEW JERSEY IN THE CIVIL WAR, 1861-1865.[Trenton, NJ, John L. Murphy, Steam Book and Job Printer, 1876.] Two volumes. "Published by authority of the Legislature." William S. Stryker, Adjutant General. (found online at the New Jersey State Library)

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