South Mountain by Rick Reeve

South Mountain by Rick Reeve
South Mountain by Rick Reeve depicting the wounding of General Garland

Monday, October 1, 2012

Kemper's Fallen Virginians

Arriving at Turner's Gap in the late afternoon, James Kemper's brigade of Virginians were ordered to the embattled Confederate left that was on the verge of collapse. Arriving on the field, after a forced marched and a period of counter-marching around the mountainside , Kemper's brigade was deployed to the left of Richard Garnett's brigade. With Garnett's brigade becoming heavily engaged and forced back, Kemper's pulled back to a fence line where it would remain for the rest of the battle, holding the line until nightfall when the Confederates would retreat off the mountain. There is only one report from Kemper's brigade from this battle (Colonel Montgomery Corse's) so regimental deployment and reported losses from this battle are unknown. The following list are drawn from regimental rosters of known casualties from the battle: 2 killed, 27 wounded, 10 captured. A roster for the 24th Virginia Infantry could not be found at this time. As before, any casualties described as occurring in September 1862 are omitted due to lack of detail on place where the event occurred.

11th Virginia Infantry

Private James B. Brugh, Co. G

Private Christopher S. Booth, Co. G
Private Hillary B. Brown, Co.E
Private Edward P. Burroughs, Co. B
Major Adam Clement, Regt.
Private Jacob A. Fluke, Co.D
Private Phillip Gibbs, Co. ? (died of wounds, 9/20/62)
Private John Hendrick, Co. D (captured also)
Corporal Tipton D. Jennings, Jr., Co.G
Private Louis C. Neville, Co. E (captured also)
Private Henry T. Thompson, Co.D
Sergeant Elijah H. Walker, Co. K

 Private John M. Brafford, Co. K
Private William C. Courtney, Co. I

7th Virginia Infantry

Private Charles L. Atkins, Co. B (died of wounds 9/25/62)
Private Jordan R. Berny, Co. G
Private James I. Cole, Co. D (died of wounds, 9/25/62)
Private Baldwin L. Hoge, Co. D (captured also)
Private William D. Jarmen, Co. I
Color Bearer Tapley Mays, Co. D (died of wounds, 9/17/62)

PrivateWilliam H. Brown, Co. C
Musician Francis M. Burrows
Private Champ Cambell, Co. G
Private Tim Darr, Co. D
Private John S. Dudley, Co. D

1st Virginia Infantry

Private John G. Daniel, Co. H
Private Andrew T. Minor, Co. I
Private William F. Pumphrey, (captured also)

Captured :
Private John Willey, Co. B

17th Virginia Infantry 

Private Marcus D. Darr, Co. B

1st Lieutenant William W. Athey, Co. C
Private John Beach, Co. H
Private John Hixon, Co. D (died of wounds Jan. or Feb.1863)
Corporal Rueben Lane, Co. F
Priivate James R. Sullivan, Co. F
1st Lieutenant Albert M. Tubman, Co. E
Sergeant Francis M. Wallace, Co. C (captured and died of wounds, 9/29/62)

Private Richard Mayhugh, Co. D
Private Jacob Willey, Co. B



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