South Mountain by Rick Reeve

South Mountain by Rick Reeve
South Mountain by Rick Reeve depicting the wounding of General Garland

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"While advancing upon them we suffered severely from their fire.."

This is a quote from the official report of Colonel R. Biddle Roberts' of the 1st Pennsylvania reserves on the Battle of South Mountain. The Pennsylvania reserves played a important role in the Union battle plan. They were positioned to assail the flank of the Confederate defenses at South Mountain just north of Turner's Gap. As this quote tells, they suffered heavily in their relentless assaults against the Confederate brigade of Robert Rodes holding the southern flank.

Division losses (according to figures from OR's):

Killed: 95
Wounded: 296
Missing: 9
3rd PA (K,W,M): 50
Total: 450

Known Casualties

1st PA Reserves (Seymour's Brigade)

Private Thomas P. Dwin, Co. H
Private Thomas C. Griffin, Co. H
Private Jocab Kintz. Co. I
Private George Miller, Co. E
Private Peter Miller, Co K
Private John M. Powers, Co. G
Private Robert Ruddock, Co. C
1st Lieutenant John D. Sadler, Co. K
2nd Lieutenant John H. Taylor, Co. C
Private Jeremiah Taylor, Co. K

Private Elam Hultzhouse, Co. E (Mortally)
Private John M'Dade, Co. F
Private Enos M. Russell, Co. A
Private Levi Kennedy, Co. I
Private William H. Taylor, Co. C

Private Fista Minnenger

2nd PA Reserves (Seymour's Brigade)

Corporal Edward Booth, Co. E
Private Gilbert M'Kelley, Co. E
Corporal William M'Clintock, Co. B
Private William Simpson, Co. I
Private Augustus Sucker, Co. F

Sergeant Alex Brown, Co. B
Private Henry Brown, Co. E
2nd Lieutenant R. Clendenning
Sergeant Robert Ferguson, Co. E
Sergeant Richard P. Dillon, Co. B
Private John Donlin, Co. B
Private Francis Higgins, Co. D
Private George Malloy, Co. B
Private Albert R. Reed, Co. K
Sergeant George Staughton, Co. K
Private Charles Stump, Co. C

5th PA Reserves (Seymour's Brigade)

Private A. J. Heugendoubler, Co. K

Corporal John W. Ayres, Co. I
Sergeant Thomas Bennett, Co. K (Mortally)
Corporal Amos Ditsworth, Co. D
Sergeant Peter Wells, Co. K (Mortally)

Private Aaron Huyett, Co. I
Private George Leper, Co. I
Private James W. Smith, Co. I
Private William Steward, Co. I
Private John Verner, Co. C

6th PA Reserves (Seymour's Brigade)

Private John Baker, Co. C
Private John Belknap, Co. C
Private Jacob F. Boran, Co. B
Private Thomas Campbell, Co. D
Private William Davidson, Co. C
Private John Fry, Co. D
Private John H. M'laughlin, Co. D
Private Abraham Price, Co. E
Private John L. Reed, Co. C
Private Edmund L. Reimer, Co. C
Private Simon Troup, Co. B
Private Joseph Weaver, Co. E

Private William Andrews, Co. C
Private Lucius Avery, Co. C
Private Peter Clein, Co. C
Corporal George M. Demorest, Co. A (Mortally)
Corporal Henry B. Mowry, Co. B
Private John Nesle, Co. C
Captain Charles D. Roush, Co. B

Private William H. H. Orth

13th PA Reserves (Seymours Brigade)

2nd Lieutenant Charles Bitterling, Co. F
Private Hero Bloom, Co. I
Private Joseph Broomall, Co. K
Private Charles B. Carney, Co. C
Private Charles Hoadley, Co. E
Private Conrad Jumper, Co. B
Private S.W. Landers, Co. C
Private William Maxson, Co. I
Private Henry McGee, Co. I
Private Thomas Riley, Co, K
Private Charles Shlaffy, Co. F
Private Charles H. Sweet, Co. E
Sergeant Augustus Trask, Co. D

Private Leslie Bard, Co. I
Private Philip Beer, Co. F
Private James Elder, Co. G
Captain Edward A. Irvin, Co. ?
1st Sergeant William J. Kibbe, Co. I (Mortally)
Private James Grace, Co. H
2nd Lieutenant Samuel A. Mack, Co. E
Private Peter Mangold, Co. F (Mortally)
Private James D. Newpher, Co. I (Mortally)
Private A. Delos Northrop, Co. I (Mortally)
Private Augustus Rhanewalt, Co. G
Private Joseph Roman, Co. H

4th PA Reserves (Magilton's brigade)

Private Hugh M'Leer, Co. A
Private Benjamin Storer, Co. A
Private Henry Zinckham, Co. E

7th PA Reserves (Magilton's Brigade)

Private Charles F. Adams, Co. K
Private Thomas Abbott, Co. E
Private Joseph Gardner, Co. C
Private Jacob Weaver, Co. E
Private John H. Wittell, Co. C

Private Thomas Abbot, Co. E
Colonel Henry C. Bolinger, Regt.
Sergeant William R. Smith, Co. I
Private Jacob Weaver, Co. E
Private P.E. Williamson, Co. B

8th PA Reserves (Magilton's brigade)

Private George W. Brooks, Co. E
Sergeant Jacob Cameron, Co. C
1st Lieutenant William M. Carter, Co. B
Private James C. Clark, Co. G
Corporal Albert Esters, Co. E
Private George R. Everson, Co. B
Private William Harker, Co. E
Private Wolfgang Hepinger, Co. H
Private Henry Madara, Co. E
Private David Malone, Co. D
Corporal Neal M'Cole, Co. B
Private Charles Moss, Co. E
Private William Oldman, Co. E
Private Matthew P. Shaw, Co. E
Private Valentine Smith, Co. A
Private Henry Struble, Co. C

Private Austin W. Colston, Co. B
Private William H. Kay, Co. F (Mortally)
Private Daniel M'Williams, Co. B
Private William Reese, Co. C (Missing)
Private Micheal Tracy, Co. B (Mortally)

9th PA Reserves (Gallagher's Brigade)

Private Samuel Adams, Co. D
Private Samuel Baker, Co. I
Private John Barnett, Co. K
Private H.H. Chamberlain, Co. A
Corporal John S. Copsley, Co. A
Private Henry Fallenstein, Co. D
Private William E. Forrest, Co. A
Private Hiram Marsh, Co. D
Private George Milligan, Co. I
Private William Reed, Co. D
Private John Richey, Co. E

Sergeant E. P. Darlington, Co. A
Private Thomas T. Fitzpatrick, Co. C
Private William T. Foley, Co. C
Private Edward Hogdson, Co. C
Private John Kingsland, Co. K (Mortally)
Private John Lerch, Co. B (Mortally)
Sergeant John M. Shane, Co. C
Sergeant August Smetz, Co. C

10th PA Reserves (Gallagher's Brigade)

Private Moses Clements, Co. I
Private Charles Harper, Co. I
Private Benjamin F. Heckart, Co. A
Private John M'Cann, Co. B
Private John M. McCowan, Co. H
Private George Nunamaker, Co. G
Private Horace Pearl, Co. I
Sergeant B. B. Strickland, Co. I

Private C.F.F. Boyd, Co. A
Private Fred Breneman, Co. F
Private George F. Kapp, Co. F
Private Steven G. Harris, Co. H
Private W. Houston, Co. B
1st Sergeant Thomas A. Wilson, Co. I
Private David Yates, Co. F

11th PA Reserves (Gallagher's Brigade)

Captain Elvinis Brady, Co. K
Private Robert W. Cathcart, Co. E
Private Scott M. Ferguson, Co. E
2nd Lieutenant Walter F. Jackson, Co. G
Private James Johnson, Co. G
Private William Laughery, Co. B
Private Charles Schmidt, Co. C
Private Labanah Starver, Co. G
Private Jas. H. Stevenson, Co. C
1st Sergeant Samuel T. Steward, Co. G
Private Henry Stuchell, Co. B
Private B.F. Whitlinger, Co. G

Colonel Thomas G. Gallagher, Regt.
1st Lieutenant J.S. Kennedy, Co. B
Private John G. Kimberlin, Co. A
Captain Nathaniel Nesbit, Co. E (Mortally)
Private Robert F. Sherman, Co. A
Private James N. Simpson, Co. E (Mortally)
Private William K. Thomas, Co. B

12th PA Reserves (Gallagher's Brigade)

Private Henry W. Dean, Co. B
Corporal Henry H. Hopple, Co. D
Private William M'Farland, Co. D
Private Frederick Melott, Co. C
Private William R. Pilkington, Co. A
Private Henry Shuman, Co. H
Private Oliver Sproul, Co. H

Private Robert C. Edlabute, Co. H
Private Joseph S. Fry, Co. A

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  1. Thank you for the information. I found this via Google after a genealogy search. I'm a descendant of Pvt Henry Fallenstein.